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Anya and Elliott

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Our Story

We met in the Fall of 2020, on a dating app. I’m not sure it matters which one. It was dusk, and I was worried about being cold, so I wore several sweaters under my down jacket. Anya underestimated my layers and just thought I was very, very strong. It was probably 50degF out. She was standing in the Hatch, the almost-amphitheater on the esplanade in Boston. We were both wearing masks, being conscientious of Boston outdoor mask mandate at the time. We said hello, sat down, and promptly took off our masks on what would henceforth be known as our dock. I brought beers that Anya pretended to enjoy. We talked, and I drank the beer, and then we kept talking. She lit the dock up with her bike light inside of her helmet. We eventually got cold and decided to walk around. We did a lap of the esplanade, walked back to her bike and stood by it (and some porta-potties) for another half hour, talking. We decided to keep walking. We walked a few miles around the Boston Commons, got burritos, and kept talking. We made our loop as long as we could, but eventually ended up back where we started. I want to see you again, she said. I agreed.

We went on a few more very long walking dates before venturing inside. We ostensibly lived separately for the next 10 months, but it felt more like we each were commuting between our shared two apartments the whole time. We finally moved in together in December of 2022. The following December we bought a condo together. This represented my 4th move within two years of arriving in Boston. It has great light, high ceilings, and once Jordan (Anya’s brother) declared that the kitchen was “workable” we closed the deal. We have been busy making it our own ever since, and are both quite excited for all the stability it offers.

I proposed in May. Anya very much wanted to be surprised in the moment, as it was far too late to surprise her with the question. So I planned a full week of dates…. A hike and picnic, ice cream, a walk and picnic, burritos, a restaurant we had been discussing going to for more than a year. She was not expecting the Monday afternoon hiking proposal, so I succeeded in the in-the-moment surprise (she said yes)!